Agents: Michelle Maldonado

Michelle has lived in East Texas since she was 2 years old. After she and her husband bought their first home in 2015, Michelle discovered 2 things. First she wanted to create a business where she and her husband could build custom furniture and décor. She discovered she wanted custom furniture with specific sizes and colors for her new home and that was hard to find. Slowly she and her husband started buying their own tools and building their own furniture and décor. Long story short, Michelle and her husband now have a small business where they offer hardwood cutting boards and small décor pieces. The second thing Michelle discovered with the purchase of a home was to become a real estate agent. While she was searching for her first home, she realized there was so much to look into and it can be very overwhelming. Michelle is excited about real estate and would love to help you find your dream home or list your home to make this process as enjoyable as possible. Michelle wants her clients to be happy with the purchase of a home or selling of their home for a better future.

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