Sekret Agent this month was very rewarding! We took lunch to all the workers and volunteers over at Heartisans Marketplace in Longview. We were able to learn about how they have grown into the program they are today, shop the marketplace, and tour their wonderful facilities all the while making new friends along the way!

*One of the pictures attached is a precious newsletter written by Heartisans abut Keebaugh and Company. If you have not subscribed to their monthly newsletter you are missing out! You can do so by visiting their website at www.heartisansmarketplace.com 

"Heartisans Marketplace is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an eight-week internship teaching valuable job skills to unemployed women living in the local community. The organization's goal of increasing the employability and self-sufficiency of program participants is achieved through the utilization of a manufacturing business model in which hand crafted consumer products are produced, marketed and sold in various venues. Profits generated provide training and employment opportunities for program participants, all of who have been referred by local agencies and/or non-profit organizations working with unemployed/underemployed women in the local community." 
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